Sunday, June 29, 2008


Work Out Your Weight Loss Get on Diet and Be Fit

by Eric

Have you ever wondered why some people do not lose weight even if they go on a diet? Many people have the bad luck of not losing weight even if they maintain a rigorous diet regime with regular workouts in the gym. And there are some people who do not seem to gain one ounce even if they keep on hogging food. These anomalies in the results of weight loss can be explained only by studying the metabolic capacities of every human body. All the metabolic activities of our body are controlled by hormones. The fat burning and fat storing metabolic activities are also controlled by them. These hormones are triggered off by a variety of actions such as consuming different foods, exercising or other random activities.

Some important techniques to be kept in mind to lose weight include going low on the calorie foods, having lots of salads and fruits, eating les of red meat, drinking lots of water and tea and reducing the intake of alcoholic beverages. To lose weight, one needs to keep a tab on the amount of calories that one consumes. Eating fried foods is a strict no, because everyone knows fried foods to be full of fattening calories. Eating salads at the beginning of the meal and finishing it off with fruits is a good idea to reduce appetite. Fruits have minimal amount of calories and they also satisfy your hunger. Another important thing to keep in mind is to stop eating red meat. Apart from fattening you, it has a lot of side effects on the body. If it's impossible to give it up, then having a smaller amount would be helpful.

Drinking water is a good way to lose weight. By drinking copious amounts of it, the body remains hydrated and also one doesn't feel hungry too often. But one should remember not to binge on sodas because they are full of calories. Tea is a recommended beverage because it has many relaxing benefits. Lessening your consumption of alcoholic drinks will help you greatly in losing weight. They contain loads of calories with beer being one of the worst. It's alright to have a drink once in a while but one should know where to draw the line.

Apart from these food habits, one of the most beneficial things to follow while trying to lose weight is to walk as often as possible. Even a short distance would do you wonders if one does it religiously. Cycling, swimming, trekking is also helpful in losing that extra bit of weight. One needs to remember that doing all of these in small quantities would help in reducing weight every week.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


How to Have a Long Healthy Life

by Dr. Flora Stay

In my book, A Secret Gateway to Healthy, I explain how the mouth is one organ that makes an impact on every other organ. No health guru talks about the importance of the mouth on this level, but it's true. If you neglect it, it will affect your general health one way or another.

One of my patients, Joan was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome IBS). She suffered excruciating stomach pains that sent her to the emergency room. What Joan and her doctor didn't realize was that her IBS symptoms were triggered by problems stemming from her mouth. Most of Joan's back teeth were missing.

Consequently, Joan was unable to chew her food properly; this did not cause, but exacerbated her IBS troubles.

Another patient, Mike suffered from a loss of his sense of balance for years. He also had tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Doctors were unable to find the cause of his problems. Had Mike seen a dentist, he would have learned that his symptoms were typical of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD); a disorder that could have readily been cleared.

Randy came to see me for a routine dental visit. He had been on and off painkillers for months trying \to deal with chronic sinus headaches. His physician found no sinus infection present. Yet the pain persisted.

If Randy's doctor had sent him to a dentist, the source of the pain could have been located: a tooth needed to be pulled, which was an upper back tooth (molar) positioned very close to the sinus area. The dentist might have saved Randy’s tooth along with his pain, but he had waited too long to seek proper treatment.

John was in his early 50s and was recently diagnosed with arteriosclerosis (hardened arteries). Lucky for him, his cardiologist sent him to the dentist for a check-up. The cardiologist knew the relationship between heart disease and gum disease (periodontal disease). When I examined him, sure enough, John had advanced gum disease. He was a heart attack waiting to happen.

Now that he knows the connection and is staying on top of his mouth health, John's heart attack risk has been minimized.

Bird's Eye View into Your Body

None of the people in the cases described above considered the fact their mouths could be the cause of their maladies. What would you think if I told you every single person has the ability to look inside his or her body and get a bird's eye view towards what state of health he or she is in?

You see, your mouth is really a microcosm of your whole body. It's like getting a glimpse of the total picture of health or illness.

Risk of heart disease, stroke, lack of energy, even problem pregnancies is now linked to oral health.

Taking responsibility for your health is more crucial than ever. Start by taking better care of your mouth, which is the entrance to your body, and the secret gateway to health.

As far as concerned, it is also the most important thing you need to know for a long healthy life.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Facial Skin Care, How Important It Is? by James Moore

The shaveing is a routine activity of every man. Facial care is a top priority for many women in today's society. A good recommendation is to not go to bed with makeup on. Facial Facial skin care is an excellent step towards building one's self esteem as well as improving one's image. Anti-aging products are helpful in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, fading age spots and evening out your skin tone. Facial care is a demand of everyone to look good.

There are many lotions and potions knocking about, but good skin care often involves nothing more than a little extra time and attention when washing, either first thing in the morning, before going out for the evening, orlast thing at night.Facial skin care is vital as it is the most delicate skin on the body.

Facial skin care is especially important because your face the most viewed part of your body. If your face appears older, then people assume that you are older. Facial skin care is definitely important for men and women. When you first meet a person, what is the first thing you notice about them?. Facial skin care is more a matter of discipline than anything else. A facial care routine is what you need (and you need to follow the skin care routine with complete seriousness).

Skin care is not as complicated as some think. With the right attitude and discipline, one can actually create a facial skin care routine that will help bring about that healthy glow. Facial care is vital as it is the most delicate skin on the body.

There are many lotions and potions knocking about, but good facial skin care often involves nothing more than a little extra time and attention when washing, either first thing in the morning, before going out for the evening, or last thing at night. Facial skin care is a top priority for many women in today's society. A good recommendation is to not go to bed with makeup on.

It is also necessary to retard the skin aging process. Facial skin care isn't supposed to hurt! Repairing facial skin often requires you to slough off damaged skin and help your body replace it with new skin cells. Facial skin care is important for "waking up" the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells, and handling blackheads and whiteheads, particularly if you have a busy schedule and do not get much rest.

Facials are also an excellent way to lower stress, stress and lack of sleep are elements that can contribute to adult acne. Facial skin care is extremely necessary so that the face skin glows everyday.

Facial skin care is an outward reflection of feeling good. It's no secret that we look good when we feel good. Facial care is very important, and it can be as mild as the medically offered skin care Obagi or as strong as a facial peel or laser. Facial wrinkles can be significantly reduced with Botox, a protein that relaxes muscles forming wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, and between the brows. Facial skin care is very important for both sexes. Our face is who we are.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Three Steps to Easy and Effective Registry Clean Up by Desiree Marshelle

Registry clean up could be a requirement if you need to improve computer performance due to a slow running computer, computer crash problems, or because of PC freezes. Often anti-virus programs cannot detect or repair such problems and people are left without a clue of what to do next.

The Microsoft Windows registry contains vital files pertaining to both the operating system of the computer, not to mention user preferences. Each time you add or remove programs or change settings, the registry is impacted. Empty keys are left behind and your registry grows until performance and stability become factors.

If you require a registry clean up, this article will put you back on the right track and get your system working great again in about 10 minutes.

If you are the type of person who just wants to problem fixed without further research, the best registry clean up software that we found of the 28 products we reviewed in detail is called RegCure. The software has a good mix of optimization features in addition to repair functions and scored well across all categories in our tests. You can get a free scan of RegCure at You can use a free scan to see if there are errors prior to purchasing the software, which is a plus.

Task One: Determine Issues That Currently Exist

In order to know what problems need to be resolved, it is first good to know what problems are currently happening on your computer.

To complete this step, write down all of the details you can about issues that you are experiencing on your computer, whether consistently or intermittently. Are there certain programs opening when the issues take place? Are you on the internet? Is your startup slow on the computer? It is only happening for certain users?

After you have a good list ready, set the list to the side to compare your end results to later so you know what has been taken care of and what may still need to be resolved later.

Task Two: Locate and Utilize a Free Scan

This is the step that is the most time consuming because consumers do not know how to rate the software needed. We all want to feel like we received the best quality product for the lowest possible cost, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed while trying to find the best deal. This section can help you find good software for the investment.

There are only a couple of features that separate the good registry clean up products from the generic ones. One feature is an automatic backup for your files prior to repair. If you do not have the files backed up and are not happy with the repair results, you are stuck. On the other hand, quality software only fixes the needed files so that problems are not created.

Another feature to look for is good localized help files. Again, the simplicity of doing a registry clean up usually will not warrant the reference of help files, but they are good to have as a safety measure.

Also look for some registry optimizer functions in addition to the repair functions. This can include compression of the registry or hard drive (like a defrag), plug in removers for Internet Explorer, or junk and evidence file removers. Any form of optimization feature is a plus to add value to your purchase.

Once you have a product picked out, choose the deepest scan it offers (which should be free). Scan your registry for errors and then move to the next step if desired.

Task Three: Repair Your Computer

The final step is to purchase the software (if you want the problems fixed now) and complete the repair, which does not take long at all.

The software should offer a choice of how many computers you want to purchase the license for. Make sure you are getting a license for a year because ideally your registry should be scanned once a week to maintain it properly. So, even if you only locate a few errors, it may be a wise investment to get the software anyway to keep from having system instabilities in the upcoming year.

After investing in the software, choose the repair option and the repair will be done in just moments. A confirmation screen will then appear showing that the registry clean up is done. Then restart your computer and compare your written list against your final results.


Monday, June 16, 2008


Why drinking water is so important by Robert D. Clemens

Just like a car needs gasoline to get from point A to point B, the human body needs water to fuel itself and function properly. Many people know that they need water to survive, but they are not fully aware of the importance of drinking water. The importance of drinking water that is full of minerals but also chemical free cannot be stressed enough, besides air it is the most essential element involved in our survival.

Our body weight is two thirds water and a small two percent dip in that equation can cause a person to experience signs of dehydration. It is important to have a firm grasp on the benefits of drinking water so that you can completely understand the importance of water in our lives.

Water plays a part in every vital function of our body. In fact, the mechanics of the human body simply do not work without water. Every cell and organ function that takes place within our body is dependent on water to function. The benefits of drinking water are seen in every part of us from our brain to our tiny toe nail.

The importance of drinking water can be best understood when you know the composition of water within the human body. The human brain is ninety five percent water, the lungs are ninety percent water and our blood is eighty five percent water. Without maintaining these percentages through water consumption we would die in a matter of days.

The benefits of drinking water are also seen in the role water plays in disease prevention. Studies have shown that a person who consumes eight glasses of water each day can significantly reduce their risk of a number of serious medical problems including, colon cancer and bladder cancer among many others.

Water also helps to regulate the metabolism, so the importance of drinking water when you are trying to lose weight cannot be over stated.

The benefits of drinking water can also be seen in our digestion process. Water is the base of saliva and without we would have difficulty swallowing our food. Additionally, water helps prevent constipation by steadily moving food through our intestinal tract.

From disease prevention to digestion the importance of drinking water on a daily basis is apparent. The sheer volume our bodies requires on a daily basis is evidence enough that we should always try to get the cleanest and purest water possible.

Fortunately, we can easily reap the benefits of drinking water because it is everywhere we go. Clean water can come right out of our faucets every day for a nominal cost and all we have to do is grab a glass and drink up.


Saturday, June 14, 2008


Healthy Lifestyles by Caleb

First and foremost it is important to consult with a health expert or dietician before you start any weight loss program. This is for several reasons, first to help you decide which diet is right for you, remember; a weight loss program that is beneficial for one person may not be suitable for another. This is due to the current health that you are in, as well age and bodyweight. Each person’s metabolism works at a different rate some people burn calories at a much higher rate than others. Do not worry every person has been given a unique body for reason. It is up to you to find that body through proper diet and exercise. Do not get discouraged, it takes time and effort and a lot of work to loose weight.

So what's the key for rapid weight loss? The key to successful weight loss is weight training, any high intensity cardio program, and a high protein diet lo carb diet. Not all carbs are bad though this is a big misconception brought on by Atkins fans. Carbs are essential for energy throughout the day.

Remember to stay away from fatty foods such as processed meals, fast food value meals, consume pasta and starches earlier in the day so you body has time to burn off excessive calories. Chicken, fish and egg whites are your new best friend, high in protein low in carbs.

Additionally what is important is that you maintain your weight after you loose it. Just imagine you never taking your car in for an oil change, it builds up and can eventually cause engine damage. Your body is the same way, take care of it, and give it the maintenance it requires.



Computer Repair Tips: Broken Hard Drive? How to Recover Your Data Files by Chancer Reese

Click Here!
If you need to recover your important files quickly and easily from a dying hard drive then you can't afford to miss reading this article...

"Technology... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other. " ~C.P. Snow

It's an accepted fact that hard drives are the weakest link in computer technology. The hard disk is where the operating system and all software applications are stored. Because of this, a properly working drive is essential in the operation of any computer.

But since these drives are basically just an electro-mechanical devices, and like any other machine they will eventually breakdown and fail. And then oops, without backups, all your family photos, legal documents and important emails are gone!

There are three levels of data or file recovery for a dying or broken hard drive:

1) Basic Level: The drive is working (your can hear it spin up but it will not boot to Windows)

This usually means that some essential Windows files have been comprised or damaged in some way. With the right software you can view your files and even copy them. You have to choices...

Use a Rescue CD: You can grab a bootable CD with hard drive utility software already installed on it. You can then make repairs or copy your files from your bad drive to a replacement. A good name brand rescue CD for Windows is the "Ultimate Boot CD"

Move the Drive: If you don't have a way of burning a rescue CD and don't want to wait for a copy to shipped to you; you can always move your bad drive and place it in another working desktop PC. Once installed you should be able to view all your files on the drive from a secondary slot (normally where the CD or DVD drive live.)

2) Intermediate Level: The drive works but you can't see the files you want using the methods above.

Okay, things are not going good. You at this point have to get out the big guns. You will have to download and run a data recovery program such as "Active UNDELTE", "Recover My Files", etc. Both of these programs are powerful, reliable, and easy to use and won't cost you an arm or a leg to buy.

With Active UNDELETE you can also make a bootable CD to run on a PC if you can't move the drive to another computer. Both have technical support options if you need further help.

3) Advanced: You have tried everything above but you still can't find that Last Will from Aunt Sue...

At this point you have probably spent several hours (if not days) without your PC and invested just over a $100 in software if you used all of the above products. Now, is the time for you to decide to either use a professional level recovery application or throw in the towel and take your drive to a recovery specialist.

If you have the time but not a lot of cash (understand that hard drive recovery services can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars) then you can ratchet it up a notch and buy a copy of the home version of EasyRecovery from Ontrack. Ontrack is one of the leading data recovery companies in the world.

But if time is more critical and money is no obstacle then bite the bullet and take your drive to a local computer shop that does recovery work. Or if that is not possible then contact a big service like Ontrack and ship your hard drive to them.

Data recovery can be expensive no matter who does it, so to be on the safe side and make file backups frequently and fully.

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NST Online News Gadget - Beta

What is a News Gadget?
It is free content based on RSS. It is written in javascript. The script calls the content from NST Online to be published elsewhere. For instance, if you have a blog or website, you can use this content to provide variety and value-added feature to your site

How much does it cost for me to install one?
It's absolutely free, take and use it!

How do I go about installing it?
Just go to the News Gadget Customisation page and choose the feeds you need. You can use the default subjects from the drop-down menu or make your own, either based on keywords or a combination of the subjects from the default topics and your own keywords. For instance, you may choose Computers from the drop-down and combined with your keyword of say Dell, etc.

Okay, then when do I do?

Then, when you are done, click on the preview button at the bottom of the page to generate the script. Then cut and paste the script on your website or blog widget element. In seconds, the feed will be churned out for you.

Can I design my own look and feel?
Yes, you certainly can. Use the colour swatches and attributes available at bottom left of the configuration.

How do I use News Gadget?

The News Gadget can be used on Blogger's free Blogspot blogs and privately hosted Wordpress blogs. Free Wordpress blogs at does not allow scripted widgets on their site.

News Gadget For Blogger Blogs:

  1. Choose your feed, design your interface and copy your script.
  2. Log in to your account at Blogger
  3. Go to your Layout page.
  4. Choose Page Elements.
  5. Click Add Page Element.
  6. Choose Add HTML/Script.
  7. Paste the News Gadget script in it and Save Page Element
  8. Republish Blog
News Gadget for Wordpress Blogs
  1. Log in to your Wordpress Blog and go to Dashboard, then click on Presentation tab.
  2. Under Presentation, click Widgets.
  3. Step 1

  4. Go down to the Available Widgets section and drag the Text Widget (usually named Text 1, Text 2 etc. If there are none, you can create them via Add Text Widget function available) container into your Sidebar
  5. Step 2

  6. Click on Text 1 Widget and a pop-up will appear. There will be two empty boxes. Fill the top (heading) box with the desired widget name (ie. Health News, Recipes, etc). Copy the Javascript from News Gadget and paste it onto the box below the heading box - this script will call your feed. Once done, click on the X to close the box.
  7. Step 3

  8. Next, Save your consiguration.
  9. Step 4

  10. CONGRATULATIONS, you have just added your News Gadget onto your Wordpress Blog. Click the view button or go to the URL of your blog to see the new feature on it.
  11. Step 5